Python for Data Analysis: From the Beginner to Expert Crash Course 3.0 that will Change your Life as a Digital Programmer Thanks to the Minimali

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5If you want to become the best programmer among your competitors and outperform the competition with a clear and complete approach without becoming frustrated trying to understand the big data, then keep reading...
Computer programmers are increasingly in demand in the world. It is estimated that over 50% of companies fail to hire Python programmers because there are not enough advanced and prepared programmers.
Don't you think it is smart to have adequate training regarding the Python language to outperform the competition and be able to work always and in every situation, even with the competition in today's world?
The problem, however, is that the world is full of books and technical courses that are not able to easily explain the Python programming language and teach how to analyze the data properly.
For this reason, it is not your fault, it is simply difficult for a programmer to become really good if he does not have clear and practical training available on such a technical and complicated subject.
In fact, the aim of Python for Data Analysis is to make you understand data analysis, Python language, and the like in a simple way in which you won't be able to say, "It's too complicated to understand."
What are some points you will learn in this book?
The Basics of Python to Make You Independent and Start Earning a Salary by Letting You Take on Companies without Problems
Intermediate Python Skills to Get You Above the Competition and Start an Important Career
Advanced Python Skills to Become One of Your City's Best Programmers and Earn a 6-Digit Annual Salary
Super Intensive Notions of Python to Make You One of the Most Experienced and Coveted Programmers by Companies and Get to be Able to Ask up to $ 200,000 a Year in Salary
The 5 Fundamental Steps to Make You Able to Analyze Data Impeccably. The process is everything
The Importance of Big Data and How it Will Make You a Truly Expert Programmer
Machine Learning...Deep Analysis
Pandas Library Course to Rise above the Competition
You Will Finally be Able to Understand the Matplotlib as if It Were the Simplest Thing in the World
Python for Data Analysis is ideal for those who want a complete education explained in a simple language and in a detailed way about Python and data analysis, from the beginner course to the advanced course. This book is for you even if the programming languages are Arabic for you and you think you can't understand anything.
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