Excel 2021: The All-in-One Beginner to Expert Illustrative Guide Master the Essential Functions and Formulas in Less Than 10 Minut

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4Do you want to improve your knowledge of Microsoft Excel to take advantage of its full potential?Are you looking for a simple guide that will show you the best shortcuts and save you valuable time?Do you want to know features that will make you feel at ease in your everyday and work life?

Let this book bring your customers the knowledge to excel at Excel in less than 10 minutes per day.

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful piece of software still up to date. That is why it is currently considered an indispensable tool for individuals and companies all over the world. But only by really having a solid understanding of Microsoft Excel, you will be able to simplify your work life as well as your everyday chores.

But... which functions are most important for beginners? And how can you make the most of them?

In this guide you will discover:

  • Why Excel is now considered an essential skill required for any job position
  • The basic functions of Excel and how to make the most of them in your workbooks
  • How conditional formatting will save you a lot of time
  • The 10 most common formulas used in all offices that you absolutely want to master
  • How to edit the text of formulas to adapt them to your specific needs
  • Why knowing the 15 most common shortcuts will increase your productivity and make you look good in your job
  • How to intelligently synthesize a database using Pivot Tables and Charts

And really... much, much more!

Whether you're a Windows or Mac user, you don't have to worry, this book will help you to deal with the main differences between the two systems, so you'll be able to apply the lessons in every case.

Even if you're not a technology expert, this book will help you to familiarise yourself with spreadsheets step by step. It will remove any doubts with the help of illustrations for each explanation, and make you feel involved in the whole process by offering you practical examples that you can try out yourself on your own computer.

Stop being afraid to apply for that much-desired job because of your lack of knowledge of Excel.

With less than 10 minutes of effort per day, you will impress your colleagues and boss with the skills you will learn in this guide.

Scroll up and click on "Buy Now" to get started!Your customer's IT skills will no longer be a blocking point for their career!

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