Web Development: 3 Books in 1 - Web development for Beginners in HTML, Web design with CSS, Javascript basics for Beginners

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Interested in learning the basics? Do you want to learn how to develop web pages the old way? Do you want to create websites with style? Have you always dreamed of creating beautiful, easy-to-navigate web pages?

Then this is your chance to learn.

Your Customers will never stop using this book.

Web development includes 3 books:

- Web Development for beginners in HTML

- Web design with CSS

- Javascript basics for Beginners

Book 1:

HTML is the backbone of any website, and it makes perfect sense to learn how to code in HTML before trying something more elaborate. It also provides the necessary structure to expand your web pages using JavaScript and CSS.

With this you can learn:

- What is HTML and how it works

- How to use an HTML text editor

- The building blocks of HTML: attributes, elements and tags

- How to format your HTML

- How to use header, paragraph and sentence tags

- How to insert links, images and tables

- What are HTML lists

- Use of HTML, frame and iFrame classes

- HTML comments and file paths

- What's in the HTML head

- Layout and design techniques

- How to use HTML entities, character sets and symbols

- How to add backgrounds, colors and HTML fonts

- How to create a web page from start to finish

Book 2:

This book is filled with simple coding examples and step-by-step instructions to help you learn CSS coding.

Whether you are learning CSS coding to create your website or you are a professional web designer, this book will help you learn CSS coding faster.

CSS takes care of taking care of little things like width, length, margins and padding. If you master the art by practicing the codes in this book, you will be able to design a visually striking and responsive website that will increase your business revenue overnight.

In this book you will find out how to use:

- Internal and external CSS sheets

- Wallpapers

- Margins and padding

- Box properties

- Drop-down menus and modules

- Layout of web pages

- Alignments

- Colors, font styles, display properties

- CSS tables and lists

Book 3:

The market is full of books claiming to have the secret recipe to help you learn JavaScript faster. However, few keep the promises they make. This book is written in a practical and simple way and offers theory and a lot of practical material. There are explanations and practical examples that help beginners to learn quickly. Instead of diving deeper into long and boring texts, I tried to get straight to the point for each topic.

I've defined each topic and added an easy-to-understand explanation to help you understand the main concepts and keywords that will work magic in your code. Along with the explanation, you'll find a code snippet for each topic that is tailor-made and has been tested for errors. You can copy and upload them to a web browser to see the results, or you can just edit and customize them to understand them well. The choice is yours.

Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book
Andy Python