iPhone for Seniors in Easy Steps: Covers All Models with IOS 15

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iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 8th
is now updated to cover all iPhones with iOS 15.
It'll show you how to:

  • Make and receive calls and send
  • Use FaceTime to make video calls, and have fun
    sharing music or video clips on FaceTime calls.
  • Find apps to stay healthy, shop online, plan your
    vacation, get instant news, and keep on top of everyday tasks.
  • Make secure payments using your iPhone.
  • Customize your iPhone and notifications.
  • Explore the iTunes Music Library; share music,
    videos, apps, calendars and photos with children and grandchildren.
  • Written in larger type and using non-technical
    language, iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 11th
    will help you get more out of your iPhone - so you
    don't have to ask the kids!

    In Easy Steps