Wordpress in Easy Steps

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This popular guide to
WordPress shows you how to create websites without having to learn coding, and
is updated to cover WordPress version 6. Published in late 2022, it covers the
most up-to-date features incorporated in WordPress 6.

in easy steps, 3rd edition
is an ideal companion
for anyone who wants an affordable website for business or for blogging. This
informal and friendly guide covers:

  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Working with the WordPress dashboard
  • Creating site content and adding media
  • Searching and finding a suitable theme
  • Finding and installing plugins
  • Getting visitors to comment and give feedback
  • Creating your online store
  • Getting noticed on search engines, ensuring
    your site works on all devices, and more.
  • Written
    for the non-technically minded, this guide will help you develop your website
    from scratch or serve as a handy reference to enhance your website without
    having to keep going back to the developer. A great investment!

    for WordPress 6.

    In Easy Steps