Coding Games: Advanced Guide for Gaming Programmers and Developers to Master the Art of Coding

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This book's ideology is simple and straight-forward: equip the user with the most important concepts to catapult your game development skills. When looking for a good book that explains game programming, readers are usually bombarded with information from the author without any context. Often, code doesn't make sense, hasn't been explained properly, and the concepts the author tries to explain are unclear. The main reason for this is that authors, when writing technical books such as this, assume that the reader will have the context for every small detail they leave out and every major detail they choose to convey.

This book was written with particular care to keep the reader's perspective in mind instead of the author's knowledge, because at the end of the day, the books' purpose is to teach you, rather than leave you disappointed. This book stays true to its purpose and builds upon the content discussed in the previous series. Even though readers coming to the advanced level of game programming should be confident in their intermediate and basic level understanding of the topic, the chapters' content is careful not to leave anything ambiguous to the reader. Here are some of the key features that you will find in this book:

- Important and fundamental topics that are key to advanced game programming.

- Well-versed explanations after every block of code to facilitate better delivery of the concepts.

- A proper topic architecture such that every chapter builds upon the previous one.

- Friendly and explanatory vocabulary with minimum jargon to ensure a better reading experience.

In this book you will learn

- Start up and shut down sequences

- Application layers

- How to create game objects and characters

- How to create game loops

- How to program devices and user interfaces

- Sounds, animations, and much more

If you're interested in an advanced programming and developers guide for gaming, then this the guide for you.

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