Coding in Python: 3 Books in 1-A Beginners Guide to Learn Coding in Python +Coding Using the Principles and Theories of Python Programmi

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The Complete 3 Book Series on Coding with Python

Book 1

This book will compel you to step into the practical world. What makes this book different from the other books is its specific features and contents. Let's take a look at both.

You'll discover...

- Python installation process

- Python data types

- Python lists

- Python tuples

- Python if, if-else, if-elif statements

- Python dictionaries and dictionary constructors

- Python functions

- Python for and while loops

- Python input function

- Python classes, child classes, import functions

- And more

Book 2

This book will take you for a ride into the amazing world of Python. Here are the topics we'll explore together:

- Python Data Types

- Python Lists

- Python Tuples

- Python Dictionaries

- Python for and while Loops

- Python Conditional Statements

- Python Functions

- Python Object-Oriented Programming

Book 3

Many advanced guides on the internet tell you about fancy tricks and advanced concepts when working with Python. But the truth of the matter is that there are no 'advanced' concepts in programming with Python. The only concept that can be introduced as advanced at this point is the complexity of implementing different elements during coding.

We'll implement what you have learned when you initially began your journey of learning Python programming to explain an entirely new perspective of accomplishing tasks with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Here's a quick run-down of what this book features:

- Emphasis on practical instead of theoretical concepts.

- Elaboration of code examples.

- Introduction of advanced implementation practices.

- A friendly tone and easy to understand explanations and examples.

- Limited use of jargon and complex theory

- Focus on tasks that you will most likely end up doing, such as creating packages, building applications, etc.

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