Big Data Analytics

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The book serves as a perfect guide for those who aspire to learn big data analytics, algorithms and its tools. The book has been divided into five units, wherein each unit focuses on an important aspect of big data. The first unit deals with the fundamentals of big data, challenges associated with it and various tools for analytics. The second unit deals with the different analytical approaches, popular tools and a guide for building a well-designed analytics team. The third unit elaborates the framework and architecture of MapReduce, HBase and fundamental concepts to understand the HDFS file system types and its commands. The fourth unit gives a detailed note on Hadoop and its applications, with a focus on managing resources on distributed computing environment. The fifth unit helps to understand the text mining process, social media analytics, mobile and web analytics and the tools for it. The book solves the purpose of being a guide to both academicians and professionals. The concepts are well explained with diagrams and examples, wherever deemed necessary. There's no doubt that this book will be one of the best in its field.

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