Monsters and Beasts: An Image Archive for Artists and Designers

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Are you looking for unique and rare images to use in your art and design work that will give your creative projects a competitive edge and take your artwork to the next level?

This 2019 release by Vault Editions has been one of their most unique and exciting releases yet. This title features hundreds of exquisitely crafted 17th and 18th-century etchings and engravings of monsters and beasts. This pictorial archive features serpents, animal mutations, sea monsters, dragons, griffins, chimeras, bizarre human mutations and abnormalities, extraordinary fanciful animals and much more.


Each book comes with a unique download link providing instant access to high-resolution files of all images featured. These images can be used in art and graphic design projects, or printed and framed to make stunning decorative artworks. We promise you will be impressed with this impressive pictorial archive of images.

About the author:

This book was curated and authored by the creative director of Vault Editions, Kale James. Kale has published over 12 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with brands including Nike, Samsung, Adidas and Rolling Stone. Kale's artwork is published in numerous titles including No Cure, Semi-Permanent, Vogue and more.

Only a limited number of copies of this publication have been made, so download your files now and start creating fantastic artwork today before they are gone forever.

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