Test Automation Engineer: Guide to the Istqb Advanced Level Certification

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2Becoming an automated software testing expert first requires knowledge and understanding of an organizations development methodology, tools, schedules, and resources. Within this context, an overall strategy for implementing automated testing can unfold. Development of automated tests needs to be coordinated alongside other test activity and become part of the overall testing strategy. To successfully build and maintain a suite of automated tests requires the adoption of a process similar to application software development. In the world of automated tests, a framework describes those reusable components which form the basis of an automated testing program. An automated testing expert will assess the requirements of an organization, navigate the challenges posed by people and technology, and recommend, plan, implement, and maintain a process that maximizes the participation of all testers in creating automated scripts and analyzing run results. Expert automators should have broad knowledge of technical environments, hands-on experience with a variety of automated testing tools, and a technical background to ensure customization can be achieved.
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