Python Programming: A Comprehensive Crash Course in Python Language for Absolute Beginners

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Learning Python Programming is simpler than you might think. With this crash course, you can quickly master this programming language and put your newfound knowledge to use.

Python coding language can be applied to many real-world situations, including the use of artificial intelligence chips, the personalization of drugs and medicines, machine learning, healthcare, and many other situations that are currently in use or soon-to-be developed systems.

Inside the pages of this easy-to-follow guide, you will find:

  • Detailed explanations about the program and its uses
  • The basics of the Python Programming Language
  • Data Types
  • Methods and functions in Python
  • The scope and lifetime of variables and functions in Python
  • Applications of Python Programming in the Real World
  • And more

This book is designed with your success in mind. It utilizes simple language to help you grasp the key concepts with ease. The details are explained in layman terms someone with computer programming knowledge will understand and someone who is new to computer language will understand.

Now is the time to learn everything you can about this program with Python Programming: A Comprehensive Crash Course in Python for Absolute Beginners.

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Maria Concepcion Lapinid