Logged Off: My Journey of Escaping the Social Media World

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5Welcome to the Second Edition!
How many likes did you receive on your last post?
Are you satisfied with that number of likes? Jordan Wells once believed that social media was the beginning of great success for his career, relationships with people, and life in general. Wells was very much so, mistaking. In this memoir, you will take a journey into the mind of Jordan Wells, who will try to guide you out of this world that we have fallen in love with so much; the great and powerful social media world.
You will read about the struggle Wells once had with his addiction to social media and his excessive use of smartphones. Wells will elaborate on his theories on why people should take a sharp break from social media to avoid being pulled into a never-ending downward spiral. You will also read about Wells' profound visions of what he believes could happen in the future, beyond the twenty-first century. What do you truly gain from posting on an app? Posting about your personal life, your business, love, family, friends, and all of that personal information that gives you nothing in return except "likes." Likes, comments, views, and followers from random strangers that you will never even know.
After reading "Logged Off: My Journey of Escaping the Social Media World," you may have a change of heart about what you post on your social media accounts or perhaps avoid social media at all costs.The mission that Wells hopes to accomplish with you, the reader, is to let you know you have a choice. To present you with another alternative, to have a different perspective, and to see what life is like on the other side of the fence.
Jordan Wells has logged off, never to return. WILL YOU?

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