Relational Database and Transact-SQL

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6This book introduces you to the field of relational database development and usage. There are many good books in this field. This book is different. It covers the basics so that beginners can read cover to cover. It is not a book for all levels of readers. For example, this book uses Microsoft SQL Server and Transact-SQL (or T-SQL). It will not mention the different dialect of Oracle or MySQL. If you are interested in Oracle or MySQL, you should use a different book. If you learned SQL Server from this book at your institution and you need to use other DBMS in your future job, the knowledge is only one Google away. This is not a reference book. For example, there are multiple ways to use aliases in T-SQL, but we only use one way. We believe that it is pretty easy to know different ways of using aliases once you finish this book. Why introduce all the different ways of using aliases for the first timer?This book is also unique with over 100 SQL examples and exercises. Most of these examples and exercises are paired. Readers learn one SQL example and can find a corresponding SQL exercise. We believe you have to write the codes in order to show you understood this book. You won't complete this book in 24 hours or 7 days.Even though the book is simple, by the end of the book, readers will be able to apply the knowledge learned to real world projects. We include one project with the detailed process of developing the database and the SQL examples of using the database. This book also includes three case studies readers can practice. This book uses a custom database which is simple with very limited data. The advantage of this approach is that you can manually find the solution before you write the SQL statement (Appendix 2 provides all data of the database). For example, if the question asks for the highest priced deliveries product, you can manually go to Appendix 2 of the book and find the product before you write the SQL statement.Please use Amazon's preview to take a look of the book before purchasing.
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