Mastering Vim Quickly: From WTF to OMG in no time

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Exiting Mastering Vim Quickly

One of the beautiful things about learning Vim is the fact that you don't need to know everything.You only need to understand a few critically important concepts that provide most of the value.

If you invest the time and energy necessary to learn these concepts, you'll easily be in the top 1% of the human population when it comes to productivity in coding/programming/text editing.

Instead of trying to absorb all of the Vim knowledge- and there's really a lot out there -use this book to get what matters the most.

Readers of digital editions have said:

Mastering Vim Quickly is a great tour through the most important aspects and concepts of Vim. It starts beginner friendly and quickly advances to show more involved text editing techniques.Throughout the book I especially liked the focus on large scale operations.With numerous realistic examples it teaches how various simple commands can be combined in different ways to achieve powerful transformations across multiple files. And even if you already know all the topics covered in the book, it will refresh your knowledge and fuel your curiosity about the depths of Vim once again. - Christian Wellenbrock, the creator of the targets.vim plugin

I have been using vi editor for almost 20 years and in the very first chapter, I found some new tips. It is easy to follow. It comes with useful tips, not only cool tips. Makes you more confident on using vi. You can find what you need with ease. I would absolutely recommend it! A very nice job doing this book. - G. Santovena

A very approachable way to learn Vim. The writing is really good and contains a fine balance between explanations, examples and tips. It covers all the topics you need to know to really understand what Vim is about and why so many people choose it. If you are either just getting started or you have been wanting to switch to Vim full-time you will find this book to bethe perfect reference. - Mariano Cavallo, Front-end Developer

What can you learn?

  • How to exit Vim (this is a very important skill, as you might have heard)
  • The power of Mini habits
  • How to improve your skills 38x in one year
  • How to personalize and properly configure Vim
  • How to speak the Vim language
  • Registers, buffers and windows-the right way
  • The power of Visual modes, argdo, bufdo, etc.
  • Ranges and substitution
  • Boost your productivity in Vim
  • How to install and manage plugins
  • The magic of recursive macros and much more...
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