Podcast Planner: Podcasting Book To Plan Your Successful Episodes Planning The Perfect Podcast

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This beautifully designed podcasting project planner is the perfect way to keep a record of all your projects in a simple, convenient, large enough and readable sheet.

Planning is an essential part of many creative processes, from recording an album to making a movie. And producing a podcast is no exception. Podcasting combines elements of radio, journalism and audio production, and creating them can be an arduous process.

While every podcast is different and will require a tailored approach when it comes to planning, there are some key things you will need to think about, like: host, guest, contact info, topic to discuss, running order, contest, to do list, description, conclusion & more.


  • Good quality glossy cover
  • Size 6 x 9 inches
  • 121 pages

  • Everyone needs to have the best planner since the first of the year. Give it to yourself, friends, family or co-workers and have a great year!

    Michael Green Press