Learn OpenGL: Learn modern OpenGL graphics programming in a step-by-step fashion.

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Graphics programmers are often coined the 'wizards' of the game industry. As every magician knows, terms like wizardry and magic are often somewhat exaggerated. Yet, there is a certain charm to graphics programming: the ability to conjure up complete living worlds at our fingertips.

Learn OpenGL will teach you the basics, the intermediate, and tons of advanced knowledge, using modern (core-profile) OpenGL. The aim of this book is to show you all there is to modern OpenGL in an easy-to-understand fashion, with clear examples and step-by-step instructions, while also providing a useful reference for later studies.

After years of continuous work and improvements on the accompanying website learnopengl.com, with the help of thousands of readers, its content has been professionally revised for this physical copy you now find in your hands.

Graphics programming isn't as hard as many people make it out to be... you just need to start.

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