Let Us C: Authentic Guide to C PROGRAMMING Language 17th Edition (English Edition)

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9 Learn the hand-crafted notes on C programming

Key Features
  • Strengthens the foundations, as a detailed explanation of programming language concepts are given
  • Lucid explanation of the concept
  • Well thought-out, fully working programming examples
  • End-of-chapter exercises that would help you practice the skills learned in the chapter
  • Hand-crafted "KanNotes" at the end of the each chapter that would help the reader remember and revise the concepts covered in the chapter
  • Focuses on how to think logically to solve a problem

  • Description
    The new edition of this classic book has been thoroughly revamped, but remains faithful to the principles that have established it as a favourite amongst students, teachers and software professionals round the world. "Simplicity"- that has been the hallmark of this book in not only its previous sixteen English editions, but also in the Hindi, Gujrati, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and US editions. This book doesn't assume any programming background. It begins with the basics and steadily builds the pace so that the reader finds it easy to handle advanced topics towards the end of the book.

    What will you learn
  • C Instructions
  • Decision Control Instruction, Loop Control Instruction, Case Control Instruction
  • Functions, Pointers, Recursion
  • Data Types, The C Preprocessor
  • Arrays, Strings
  • Structures, Console Input/Output, File Input/Output

  • Who this book is for
    Students, Programmers, researchers, and software developers who wish to learn the basics of C++ programming language.Table of Contents
    1. Getting Started
    2. C Instructions
    3. Decision Control Instruction
    4. More Complex Decision Making
    5. Loop Control Instruction
    6. More Complex Repetitions
    7. Case Control Instruction
    8. Functions
    9. Pointers
    10. Recursion
    11. Data Types Revisited
    12. The C Preprocessor
    13. Arrays
    14. Multidimensional Arrays
    15. Strings
    16. Handling Multiple Strings
    17. Structures
    18. Console Input/Output
    19. File Input/Output
    20. More Issues In Input/Output
    21. Operations On Bits
    22. Miscellaneous Features
    23. Interview FAQs
    Appendix A- Compilation and Execution
    Appendix B- Precedence Table
    Appendix C- Chasing the Bugs
    Appendix D- ASCII Chart
    Periodic Tests I to IV, Course Tests I, II

    About the Authors
    Through his books and Quest Video Courses on C, C++, Java, Python, Data Structures, .NET, IoT, etc. Yashavant Kanetkar has created, molded and groomed lacs of IT careers in the last three decades. Yashavant's books and Quest videos have made a significant contribution in creating top-notch IT manpower in India and abroad.

    Yashavant's books are globally recognized and millions of students/professionals have benefitted from them. Yashavant's books have been translated into Hindi, Gujarati, Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. Many of his books are published in India, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea and China.
    Yashavant is a much sought after speaker in the IT field and has conducted seminars/workshops at TedEx, IITs, IIITs, NITs and global software companies.
    Yashavant has been honored with the prestigious "Distinguished Alumnus Award" by IIT Kanpur for his entrepreneurial, professional and academic excellence. This award was given to top 50 alumni of IIT Kanpur who have made a significant contribution towards their profession and betterment of society in the last 50 years.

    His Linkedin profile: linkedin.com/in/yashavant-kanetkar-9775255
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