SOLIDWORKS Exercises - Learn by Practicing (3rd Edition)

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racticing (3rd Edition) book is designed to help engineers and designers interested in learning SOLIDWORKS by practicing 100 real-world mechanical models. This book does not simply provide step-by-step instructions to design 3D models, instead it is a practice book that challenges users to first analyze the drawings and then create the models using the powerful toolset of SOLIDWORKS. This approach helps users to enhance their design skills and take it to the next level. You can also access the video instrustion for creating each exercise of the book.

This book is written with a wide range of SOLIDWORKS users in mind, varying from beginners to advanced users. In addition to SOLIDWORKS, each exercise of this book can also be designed on any other CAD software such as CATIA, Creo Parametric, NX, Autodesk Inventor, and Solid Edge.

NOTE: The exercises/models available for download are created in SOLIDWORKS 2021 and cannot be opened in the lower version of SOLIDWORKS.