ChatGPT, an AI Expert, and a Lawyer Walk Into a Bar...

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Can AI do my job?

Written and illustrated by an AI chatbot, this book describes how creativity and communication have evolved with technology throughout history. More importantly, this book demonstrates what AI means to writers, artists, and other creatives in the context of breathtaking new AI tools that automate some, but not all, aspects of the creative process. Expressed in the words of the AI itself, with only a little help from a published expert on AI (Bob Rogers, PhD) and a lawyer with experience in the challenges of AI (Theresa Hart, JD), this book provides a lively tour through the history of creativity and communication, and looks at what new AI technology means for each of us.

By walking us through the process of creating the book and illustrations with AI, the authors take us on a tour of how to actually write prompts for use by AI systems and to leverage these mind-blowing new capabilities. Readers will see applications from writing thank-you notes to company reports to PhD theses, and everything in between. The book is illustrated with images that were created using online AI-based text-to-image services, providing a rich visual and textual experience for the reader to explore where AI technology is today and what it means for them tomorrow.

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