Apple iPhone SE 2020 User Manual: Master Your New iPhone SE 2020 In 2 Hours With This Complete User Guide for Beginners, Seniors.

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4Congratulations on purchasing your new iPhone SE 2020 device.Are you looking for a guide that will expose you to all the amazing features of your device?Get your hands on this book and have an amazing experience using your device.This manual guide is detailed to guide you through your new iPhone SE 2020 on how to operate it. However, It is written with a STEP by STEP approach which guarantees that you wouldn't miss anything with this guide in hand.
Simple and easy guide for new user of Apple iPhone or an old user trying to get a hang on this new iPhone SE 2020, this book will guide on the way TO GO, it won't only help improve your knowledge of the new iPhone, it will also increase your productivity level.
Apple Inc has introduced more robust and amazing features in iPhone SE allowing users to explore to their satisfaction the power of the new iPhone. These new iPhone SE features include New Dark Mode, Picture in Picture, Animoji, Apple Arcade, Sidecar and much more. With all these new exciting features coming in on iPhone SE, new users are overwhelmed.
In this guide you will learn
  • The best ways to setup iPhone SE 2020 device
  • How to transfer stored data from old device to your new iPhone
  • How to personalise the security settings of your device (fingerprint setup, passwords, and PINs)
  • Mobile network and Wi-Fi management
  • Apps Management
  • Setting up apple ID
  • Home screen setup and management (screen brightness, display etc)
  • How to make calls, send text messages.
  • Mobile data management
  • Mastering Camera usage and taking amazing photos and videos
  • How edit pictures and videos
  • How to setup Apple ID and use Apple Pay
  • Device Maintenance and Management
  • New User's tips and tricks
  • Troubleshooting issues

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