UX / UI Design: Introduction Guide To Intuitive Design And User-Friendly Experience

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8Do you want to discover the secrets behind a great User Experience?
UX Design skills are now essential: as a UX Designer you are the mind, the voice, and the heart of the user during the development of new products.

Becoming "User Friendly" is a requested feature for every project, the key of many successful businesses, and a controversial argument because only when your product will be on sale, you can understand if it is actually easy and adapt to the users needs.

UX and UI are so crucial that they are in the top 10 Linkedin searched skills in 2020. This is why is so important to understand how is build a great user experience.

Are you ready to become an expert in UX/UI design and successfully complete every task ahead of you?

If so, then this is the perfect guide for you! By following this guide, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills in intuitive design and user-friendly experience. A lot of people strive to learn it, but not many succeed. This book will provide you with a detailed introduction into UX/UI design, but also cover important definitions, terms, tips and tricks, and more!

Expert Author Steven Branson will help you in switching your paradigms and assumptions and think through the "user eyes" to see what they would want from your project.

Here's what you can learn from the amazing guide on UX/UI design:

  • What really is UX Design and what you really need to know to mastery it: which are the most relevant skills for a UX Designer that want to build mindful User Experience.
  • The actual key factors for a UX/UI Designer: Communication and Empathy but also UX Research, Wire-framing and Prototyping.
  • Why UX isn't UI but they work together: the real difference between UX and UI and how them can work in synergy.
  • Design guidelines that you must follow to take your take User Experience Design to a higher level: from ideation and sketching to prototype and products.
  • Psychology and Process behind a User Experience creation: effective models that will allow you to understand how to work on your project in the best way.
  • And much more!

In simple words, after reading this guide You will be able to improve your UI and UX skills and work with a strong advantage and confidence in your creativity.

UX/UI design process is amazingly various, but, with the right knowledge, you can anticipate and coordinated the efforts to complete with success your projects.

Let's starts this journey into the secrets of great user experiences and user-friendly interfaces.

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