Google Classroom: Definitive Guide for Teachers to Learn Everything About Google Classroom and Its Teaching Apps. Tips and Tricks to Imp

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6Looking for ways to use technology to improve learning outcomes and make lessons come alive? Do you want to Learn how to use Google Classroom and Engage your Students with it?

This book is written for every teacher who wants to amplify teaching and learning in the classroom using powerful online tools that put learning first!

Google Classroom helps teachers bring their work online.

This book is a complete start-to-finish guide for teachers using Google Classroom for the first time.

It explains what Google Classroom is, what it can do, how to set it up, and how to use it to enhance student learning while making your life as a teacher easier.

It shows you how to place resources and activities online, gather assignments, and develop group and individual activities. It's not just a manual, you'll also discover inspiring, easy ways to put Google Classroom to work for you and your class.

Finishing up with some of the best tips of how to use Classroom, this guidebook will help you to see all the great features and get started on using this application on your schedule.

With all the options for educational platforms available to use, Google Classroom is leading the pack with easy apps that many already enjoy and all the available features that you can use for free.

In this book you will learn:

  • Benefits Of Google Classroom
  • Difference Between Google Classroom And Others Platforms
  • Getting Started with Google Classroom
  • How To Use Google Classroom?
  • How to allow Teachers to Communicate with Students effectively
  • How to make Assignments, Announcements, Gradings, and enable students to communicate with each other
  • How to collect Work and Files, to have all students on the same page, using Google dedicated tools
  • Why Google Classroom is so Crucial for Students Who Struggle
  • Why going Paperless will help you as a Teacher
  • Why Google Classroom is a Huge Time Saver
  • How to improve Students Commitment using technology
  • Best Practices, Tips & Trick
Check out this guidebook before getting started and learn just how amazing this platform can be.

More than 100 screenshots are included!

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