The Probability of Success (Book 3): The China Affairs

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Written by #1 best seller Brad Good

It would seem life has finally settled down for Jack Gold. China is making progress toward opening up economically and providing a path for upward mobility for its citizens. Jack and Jojo are expecting a baby and Jack is looking forward to settling into life as a husband and soon-to-be father. But when Wang Yang requests a meeting with him, Jack agrees to go-you don't say no to the President of China.

China desperately needs to re-brand itself and Wang wants Jack's help. But if Jack is to do this properly, he will need to travel to each of China's twenty-one provinces, meet the governors and secretaries, and help develop a custom plan that will allow the country of over a billion to thrive economically.

It's a tall order, but Jack has a proven track record. To give up now would be to stop just shy of the finish line, and that is simply not the type of person he is. Yet with a child on the way, Jack knows he's walking a tightrope between his loyalty to his family and his desire to see China liberate itself from its limited ways of thinking. And there are certain people, in powerful positions, who will stop at nothing to derail Jack's latest efforts, including the deployment of artificial intelligence, which can wreak havoc in a myriad of ways. Jack once again finds himself in a dangerous and volatile situation that could put everything he has worked for-and everyone he loves-in jeopardy.

Written by Brad Good, who started living and working in the People's Republic of China in 1988, THE CHINA AFFAIRS is a series of four novels that take place in China. Good brings rare on-the-ground knowledge of contemporary Chinese political, social, and cultural issues, and associated international affairs.

Jack Gold is an American in China who is recruited by an Israeli agent to penetrate the Control Center, China's broadcasting hub. (Book 1) Next, at great personal threat, China and the United States solicit his leadership in creating a new trade deal between the countries. (Book 2) Jack is then recruited by the President of China, with the use of artificial intelligence, to transform China and the lives of its citizens. (Book 3) After China elects a new president who returns the country to Communism, the President of the United States calls on Jack to lead a dangerous plan to fight back. (Book 4)

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