Embedded System Interfacing: Design for the Internet-Of-Things (Iot) and Cyber-Physical Systems (Cps)

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Embedded System Interfacing: Design for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) takes a comprehensive approach to the interface between embedded systems and software. It provides the principles needed to understand how digital and analog interfaces work and how to design new interfaces for specific applications. The presentation is self-contained and practical, with discussions based on real-world components. Design examples are used throughout the book to illustrate important concepts. This book is a complement to the author's Computers as Components, now in its fourth edition, which concentrates on software running on the CPU, while Embedded System Interfacing explains the hardware surrounding the CPU.

  • Provides a comprehensive background in embedded system interfacing techniques
  • Includes design examples to illustrate important concepts and serve as the basis for new designs
  • Discusses well-known, widely available hardware components and computer-aided design tools
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