Photoshop Lab Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace

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9Described as the most "advanced, inspiring, insightful, maddening, demanding, and illuminating educational effort ever created for Photoshop," the first edition of Photoshop LAB Color become the ultimate source of information on Photoshop LAB color correction for nonexperts to advanced users. The Photoshop LAB colorspace is extremely powerful and intimidating, but author Dan Margulis shows reader how to derive enormous benefits from just a few simple tools and techniques. Dan also demonstrates how to take these techniques as far as the reader wants, employing the power-user features he describes in later chapters. Starting with canyons and progressing to faces, readers will see how quickly they can begin improving images by following the recipes included in the book. A companion website includes exercise files that allows the reader to practice the techniques of the book.

With this book, readers will learn a reliable way to get much better-looking pictures much less time. Readers will learn:

* Why LAB is the first choice for serious image merging and advanced retouching.

* Simple techniques in the A and B channels to create fast, believable color variation and unbelievably good-looking images.

* How to use the A and B channels to create quicker and better masks and selections.

* A simple recipe for creating remarkably lifelike faces, offering major improvements even in professionally shot studio portraits.

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