The Non-Designer's Presentation Book: Principles for Effective Presentation Design

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2These days, practically anyone may need to stand before an audience and deliver a great presentation. You're not a professional designer, but you want your slides to look great, persuade your audience, and help you achieve your goals. Do what more than a million people have already done: get start-to-finish help from Robin Williams, the beloved, best-selling "non-designer's designer" who's taught an entire generation the basics of design and typography.

In The Non-Designer's Presentation Book, Second Edition, Williams introduces four fundamental, easy-to-use principles for designing great presentation visuals, and four more principles specific to crystal-clear communication with slides. Whether you work with a Mac or PC, PowerPoint, Keynote, or some other tool, Robin guide you -- in her signature, light-hearted style -- through the entire process of creating an inspiring, visually powerful presentation that works. She'll show you:

  • Exactly what makes a good presentation -- or a bad one
  • How to plan, organize, and outline your presentation more effectively
  • Four principles of designing effective presentations
  • Four principles for designing beautiful slides that communicate clearly
  • An exhaustive list of timeless presentation rules...that you should totally ignore
This Second Edition has been expanded and updated with new examples reflecting modern design, plus new quizzes and projects to give you even more hands-on practice. It's all you need to succeed -- even if you've never designed or delivered a presentation before

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