Windows Internals, Part 2

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7Drill down into Windows architecture and internals, discover how core Windows components work behind the scenes, and master information you can continually apply to improve architecture, development, system administration, and support.

Written by a combo of a Microsoft developer and renowned Windows internals expert, this classic guide is now fully updated for the latest releases of Windows 10 up to the 2104 update. As always, it combines unparalleled insider perspectives on how Windows behaves "under the hood" with hands-on experiments that let you experience these internal behaviors firsthand.

Part 2 examines these and other key Windows 10 OS components and capabilities:

  • Startup and shutdown using UEFI and secure launch with measured boot
  • The registry
  • Windows management and tracing mechanisms such as WMI and ETW
  • System mechanisms such as ALPC and WNF
  • The cache manager
  • Windows file systems such as NTFS and ReFS
  • Hyper-V and virtualization-based security (VBS)
  • The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application model

Revised throughout, this edition also contains these entirely new chapters:
  • Virtualization technologies
  • System mechanisms
  • Management diagnostics and tracing
  • Caching and file system support
  • Startup and shutdown

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