C++ for C Programmers, Third Edition

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8Extensively revised and updated, this proven book by noted C++/C expert Ira Pohl is written specifically for C programmers who are transitioning to C++. C++ For C Programmers, Third Edition takes an evolutionary teaching approach, using C as a starting point and C++ as a destination. This third edition reflects the new ANSI C++ Standard, and covers the latest language features--including detailed discussions of templates, STL, and exception handling. Each chapter contains a brief examination of Java that compares and contrasts it with C++, providing the C programmer with a more complete understanding of both C and C++ and their relationship to Java. Highlights of C++ for C Programmers, Third Edition, include: *A smooth transition to C++ and object-oriented programming for programmers already familiar with C *Extensive exercises and frequent language comparisons to teach concepts quickly and to introduce the languages powerful object-oriented features *Pohls trademark dissection code presentation technique, which illustrates the underlying structure of programs and makes design tradeoffs understandable
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