Learning JavaScript: A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of Modern JavaScript

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3Get Started Fast with Modern JavaScript Web Development

With the arrival of HTML5, jQuery, and Ajax, JavaScript web development skills are more valuable than ever This complete, hands-on JavaScript tutorial covers everything you need to know now. Using line-by-line code walkthroughs and end-of-chapter exercises, top web developer and speaker Tim Wright will help you get results fast, even if you've never written a line of JavaScript before.

Smart, friendly, enthusiastic, and packed with modern examples, Learning JavaScript covers both design-level and development-level JavaScript. You'll find expert knowledge and best practices for everything from jQuery and interface design to code organization and front-end templating. Wright's focused coverage includes regular break points and clear reviews that make modern JavaScript easier to learn--and easier to use

Learning JavaScript is your fastest route to success with JavaScript--whether you're entirely new to the language or you need to sharpen and upgrade skills you first learned a decade ago

Coverage includes

- Mastering all of the JavaScript concepts and terminology you need to write new programs or efficiently modify existing code

- Creating robust, secure code for both the design and development levels

- Maximizing usability, reusability, accessibility, clarity, security, and performance

- Taking full advantage of the browser environments your code will run in

- Accessing the DOM to create behaviors and data interactions

- Storing data for easy and efficient access

- Using variables, functions, loops, and other core language features

- Interacting with users through events

- Communicating with servers through Ajax

- Improving your productivity with JavaScript libraries

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