After Effects: The Power of Expression

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WHAT IS AFTER EFFECTS? One of the most used software

Adobe Creative Cloud is probably the most popular collection of softwares amongst creatives around the world. With millions and millions of users, Adobe After Effects might be one of their top programs, mostly used in the Media / Entertainment industry for Motion Graphics, Animation and Visual Effects, and with the ever expanding digital media demands, Adobe After Effects seems unbeatable and the number one go-to program for professionals and enthusiasts.

WHO AM I? Everyone

I am a motion graphics artist based in New York City, I have over a decade of experience working for major companies and brands such as Google, Amazon, Nike, Marvel, Paypal and WWE among them. My spectrum of expertise spans a wide range of digital/social media, broadcast, and studio design. But above all I'm a regular daily user of After Effects, which knows the concerns of the After Effects community and wants to help to add to the expansion of this huge, generous and super creative community.

WHAT IS EXPRESSION? A simple language

Expression is the language that allows to program or link the properties in Adobe After Effects. This coding language is written in ExtendScript, developed by Adobe, and based on the JavaScript coding language.

Trying to learn Expression can proved to be a laborious journey for a regular user, not because of the difficulty of the language but because all of the materials to learn it are spread everywhere or just outdated, it can be even more frustrating when the After Effects user has to leave the community to learn coding for After Effects through other coding sources such as JavasScript websites. I experienced this firsthand and when it came to learning Expression, you just can't find a precise answer where to start or a global approach, this book is exactly what I wish I had found.

WHY A BOOK? A missing piece

Expression is known, even to the experienced users, as the dark and mysterious place within the After Effects world, animators mainly understand keyframes. When you don't know anything about coding in general, it can look scary and not accessible but believe me Expression is very logical and you just need to know a few terms to be able to write, read or decipher an expression; my goal is to lighten things up and what can seem complex, at the end is a very beautiful and simple tool that will bring harmony in creativity and boost the productivity, definitely a must for any After Effects user.

Expression is still a written language so it's still easier to focus by learning it through reading rather than watching a video tutorial. The purpose of this book is to have a reference where to quickly search, learn, and review the terms necessary to use Expression in After Effects: Finally a real guide of how to learn Expression fast and easy, presented in a modern and minimalist way.

Lefebvre Francois