Cyber Within: A Security Awareness Story and Guide for Employees (Cyber Crime & Fraud Prevention)

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4From the back cover: "Cyber Within is a stellar portrayal of why user education on Cyber Security threats, tactics, and techniques is so critical." --Robert Lentz, President, Cyber Security Strategies and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber, Identity and Information Assurance and Chief Information Officer, U.S. Dept of Defense "Lack of awareness is a grand security weakness. This book provides a unique approach to help fill the gaps and would be a great addition to anyone's information security toolbox." --Kevin Beaver, independent information security consultant with Principle Logic, LLC and author of Hacking For Dummies and Security On Wheels audio programs "This is one of the most fun information security books I've combines a fun storyline with easy to digest tips on information security for employees and even contains 'tear-down' tip sheets " --Dr. Anton Chuvakin, author of PCI Compliance, While companies spend millions on security products, attackers continue to steal their corporate secrets (and customer data) by exploiting the asset most often ignored on the security budget - people. Organizations that want to keep their trade secrets a secret must find better ways to help employees understand the importance of security. Packed with suspenseful lessons and quick tips for employees, Cyber Within helps organizations take that challenge head-on.
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