Go in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself: Next Generation Systems Programming with Golang

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6In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, Sams Teach Yourself Go in 24 Hours will help new and experienced programmers build software that's simpler, more reliable, and far more scalable. This book's straightforward, step-by-step approach guides you from setting up your environment through testing and deploying powerful solutions. Using practical examples, expert Go developer George Ornbo walks you through Go's fundamental constructs, demonstrates its breakthrough features for concurrent and network programming, and illuminates Go's powerful new idioms. Every lesson builds on what you've already learned, giving you a rock-solid foundation for real-world success.

Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common Go programming tasks and techniques

Quizzes and exercises help you test your knowledge and stretch your skills

Practical, hands-on examples show you how to apply what you learn

Notes and Tips point out shortcuts, solutions, and problems to avoid

Two bonus chapters available online: Hour 25, "Creating a RESTful JSON API," and Hour 26 "Creating a TCP Chat Server"

Learn how to...

- Get productive quickly with Go development tools and web servers

- Master core features, including strings, functions, structs, and methods

- Work with types, variables, functions, and control structures

- Make the most of Go's arrays, slices, and maps

- Write powerful concurrent software with Goroutines and channels

- Handle program errors smoothly

- Promote code reuse with packages

- Master Go's unique idioms for highly effective coding

- Use regular expressions and time/date functions

- Test and benchmark Go code

- Write basic command-line programs, HTTP servers, and HTTP clients

- Efficiently move Go code into production

- Build basic TCP chat servers and JSON APIs

Register your book at informit.com/register for convenient access to the two bonus chapters online, downloads, updates, and/or corrections as they become available.

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