Fire TV Stick User Guide: Support Made Easy

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7This is the Fire TV Stick User Manual that Amazon should have put right in the box for you

This book is acknowledged as the definitive and comprehensive guide for the Fire TV Stick.

A must have for all Fire Stick users. It is crystal clear for the new or technology challenged Fire Stick newbie. Yet, it will take the most technically advanced Fire Stick user as far as they desire.

If you are trying to make the decision of whether the Fire TV Stick is for you, this book will help you make the decision clearly and quickly. If you buy or are thinking of buying Fire TV Stick, then you are definitely going to want this book.

Because of the author's 20 years' experience as a consumer technical products writer... and his vast experience in helping new consumers clearly understand a technical consumer product and how to infuse it into their everyday lives... he has purposely kept this book short, easy to read & understand. There is no fluff here... no useless information to simply fill space. Everything is right to the point to get you to quickly understand. Everything is clearly explained in instantly actionable steps to get the new user using the Fire TV Stick like a pro.

Other totally helpful sections include:
  • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced features
  • How to get Amazon Prime and Fire TV Stick for free
  • Streaming videos and music from your computer
  • Gaming
  • Making Fire TV Stick, subscriptions, TVs, and mobile phones work together
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