The Agile Business Analyst: Moving from Waterfall to Agile

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5Written with special attention to the challenges facing the IT business analyst, The Agile Business Analyst is a fresh, comprehensive introduction to the concepts and practices of Agile software development. It is also an invaluable reference for anyone in the organization who interacts with, influences, or is affected by the Agile development team.

Business analysts will learn the key Agile principles plus valuable tools and techniques for the transition to Agile, including:

  • Card writing
  • Story decomposition
  • How to manage cards in an Agile workflow
  • How to successfully respond to challenges about the value of the BA practice (with an "elevator pitch" for quick reference)
Scrum masters, iteration managers, product owners, and developers who have been suddenly thrust into a work environment with a BA will find answers to the many questions they're facing:
  • What does a BA actually do?
  • What's their role on the team?
  • What should I expect from a BA?
  • How and when should I involve a BA, and what are the limits of their responsibility?
  • How can they help my team increase velocity and/or quality?
People managers and supervisors will discover:
  • How the BA fits into the Agile team and SDLC
  • Crucial skills and abilities a BA will need to be successful in Agile
  • How to get the team and the new BA off on the right foot
  • How to explain the BA's value proposition to others
  • How adding a BA can solve problems in an established team
Executives and directors will find answers to critical questions:
  • In an Agile world, are BAs a benefit or just a cost to my organization?
  • How do I get value from a BA in the transition to Agile?
  • Can I get more from my development team by using the BA as a "force multiplier"?
  • What expectations should I be setting for my discipline managers?
With a foreword by Barbara Carkenord, The Agile Business Analyst is a must-read for any analyst working in an Agile environment.

"Fresh insights, practical recommendations, and detailed examples, all presented with an entertaining and enjoyable style. Leyton shares his experience, mentoring his reader to be a more effective analyst. He has hit a home run with this book "
--Barbara Carkenord, Director, Business Analysis/RMC Learning Solutions

"Leyton does a great job explaining the value of analysis in an Agile environment. If you are a business-analysis practitioner and need help figuring out how you add value to your team, you'll find this book valuable."
--Kupe Kupersmith, President, B2T Training

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