Why AI Hallucinates: The Bot-Verse Begins

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"Why AI Hallucinates" will describe the artificial intelligence (AI) journey from a simple chat bot to a not to distant future where AI will be talking with you AND about you - to other AI entities. This sea change for a new wave of AI will emerge in the form of 'synthetic collaborative intelligence'. This is what happens when AI bots begin to communicate with other AI entities and about you. Inevitably, those bots are going to have a collaborative network that better understands us than ever before.

This will be made possible by the 'collaborative activity' occurring across all the objects that you interact with every day. The convergence between AI and the connected internet of things is pivotal to this vision. Your PC, tablet, phone, even your home will be able to have a conversation about you. Your finance bot can communicate with your insurance bot; your insurance bot is communicating with whatever health wearable you have; which is connected to your doctor. Enjoy included "Botversations" that illustrate the hidden universe of AI Chatbots (or AIBots.)

Like all new technologies, there will be mistakes. But this time, artificial intelligence will be pushing buttons and pulling triggers. Let's hope that their mistakes won't do lasting damage. Let's examine "Why AI Hallucinates" in the future.

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