The Hack-Proof Password System: Protect Yourself Online with a Memory Expert's In-Depth Guide to Remembering Passwords

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3Have you ever forgotten a password? Do you risk using the same password for more than one website? Have you ever worried about getting hacked? If so, this book is for you: a simple yet complete guide to creating and remembering secure passwords. The powerful yet easy-to-learn techniques in this book will save you time, money, and frustration. TEST YOURSELF: 1. Do you use a different password for every website? 2. Are all of your passwords at least 12 characters long and avoid the most common formats? 3. Do you remember every password, every time? If you answered "No" to any of these questions, it's time to get this book and instantly improve your cyber security. With a series of simple, clear chapters, you'll be up and running in no time. You'll enjoy improving not only your passwords, but also your creativity and memory. It's much easier than you think, and many readers describe the exercises as fun and entertaining. These sobering statistics show how essential it is to improve your personal cyber security: "90% of All Passwords Are Vulnerable to Hacking" - Business Insider "Facebook Sees 600,000 Compromised Logins Per Day" - TechCrunch "Nearly 3 out of 4 Consumers Use Duplicate Passwords" - Entrepreneur magazine The author, Brad Zupp, is a memory improvement expert who competes internationally as a record-setting memory athlete. He has appeared on the Today Show Good Day New York, The Dr. Steve Show, National Public Radio, and in the LA Times and USA Today. He regularly speaks and write about memory, including why we forget passwords and how to bulletproof your online security. In this enjoyable and engaging book, he guides you through: How to create your own passwords that are hack-proof yet unforgettable to make your life easier How to remember any assigned password, no matter how complex to reduce stress and improve security How to build your personal password system, taking your online security to the next level 21 easy and fun exercises to quickly learn and perfect your abilities Buy this book now and take control of your online safety, security, and memory. "Every person needs to remember dozens of passwords. Brad Zupp tells you why the methods you are probably using now (using the same password or a computer system to 'remember' them) are weak and can be easily defeated, but he also tells how many unique passwords can be created and remembered perfectly, providing a much more secure system in your own head. And when you are learning about how to remember passwords, you will be learning about techniques that are widely applicable to many challenges of learning and memory. I highly recommend this brief book that provides such useful and important lessons." Henry L. Roediger, III James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis
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