Ciso Desk Reference Guide: A Practical Guide for Cisos

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8The CISO Desk Reference Guide, Volume 1, 2nd Edition is the greatly-anticipated update to the iconic first volume of the highly-respected two-volume set written by experienced practitioners and intended for recently-hired or promoted Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). These easy-to-use guides are also perfect for individuals aspiring to become CISOs, as well as business and technical professionals interested in the topic of cybersecurity. Those with the titles Chief Technology Officer (CTOs), Chief Information Officer (CIOs), and Chief Privacy Officer will gain critical insights, and members of the board of directors and other executives responsible for information protection will find them invaluable.As a desk reference guide written specifically for CISOs, we hope this book and its companion CISO Desk Reference Guide, Volume 2 become trusted resources for you, your teams, and your colleagues in the C-suite. The different perspectives offered by the authors can be used as standalone refreshers, and the five immediate next steps for each chapter give the reader a robust set of actions based on roughly 100 years of relevant experience that will help you strengthen your cybersecurity programs. We hope you like the CISO Desk Reference Guide.
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