Atmel Arm Programming for Embedded Systems

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3Why Atmel ARM? The AVR is the most popular 8-bit microcontroller designed and marketed by the Atmel (now part of Microchip). Due to the popularity of ARM architecture, many semiconductor design companies are adopting the ARM as the CPU of choice in all their designs. This is the case with Atmel ARM. The Atmel SAM D is a Cortex M0+ chip. A major feature of the Atmel SAM D is its lower power consumption which makes it an ideal microcontroller for use in designing low power devices with IoT. It is an attempt to "bring Atmel AVR Ease-of-Use to ARM Cortex M0+ Based Microcontrollers." Why this book? We have a very popular AVR book widely used by many universities. This book attempts to help students and practicing engineers to move from AVR to ARM programming. It shows programming for interfacing of Atmel ARM SAM D to LCD, Serial COM port, DC motor, stepper motor, sensors, and graphics LCD. It also covers the detailed programming of Interrupts, ADC, DAC, and Timer features of Atmel ARM SAM D21 chip. All the programs in this book are tested using the SAM D21 trainer board with Keil and Atmel Studio IDE compiler. It must be noted that while Arduino Uno uses the Atmel 8-bit AVR microcontroller, the Arduino Zero uses the Atmel ARM SAMD21 chip. See our website: