Google Adwords Certification Guide: Fundamentals, Search, Display & Video Exams

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4Google is the standard in pay-per-click search engine marketing and if you want to show credibility in the field, then you want their certification. Four long-time AdWords exam guides are combined into one to prepare you to pass Google's Fundamentals, Search, Video, and Display exams on the first try. If it's on any of these four tests, then it's in this one guide. It does not cover Google's Mobile, Shopping, or Analytics certifications. Every question the author has seen on real exams can be answered with this plain-language material which presents only what you need to know. It delivers straight talk about the differences between "Examland" and the real world, with tips on how to out-perform in both. Praise: "We've evaluated several regular guides to use as a textbook for the SEM and display course series, but this is the hands-down best there is. It's a great book for those aiming to get 95% the first time they take the tests." - Claudia M., Digital Marketing Instructor "This book is written in very plain English, and very honest about what to expect and what not to expect...Thank you for these books." - Robin S., Owner of an online marketing consulting firm "While I do appreciate the fact that I passed my exam quickly thanks to this book, I find it useful in so many other ways. I have it as a reference book at work and I catch myself using it in my day to day work too." - Annie K., Marketing Manager "Bottom line: Get this book if you have some basic hands-on knowledge of AdWords and you are looking to pass the AdWords test and join the Google Partner Program." - Elie O., Director of Audience Development