Raspberry Pi: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Setup, Programming(Concepts and techniques) and Developing Cool Raspberry Pi Proje

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Programming can feel daunting at times, and it is especially intimidating to beginners, but with the invention of the Raspberry Pi, it became much easier to learn and more affordable. The Pi is a tiny credit card-sized computer that led to the appearance of an entirely new community of geeks. With this straightforward, easy to follow guide, aspiring programmers can now learn the craft without feeling overwhelmed and develop cool gadgets and complex robots.

The Raspberry Pi has sold millions of units since its arrival on the market, and this Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Setup, Programming (Concepts and Techniques) and Developing Cool Raspberry Pi Projects will show you why

Here's what you will gain by reading this beginner-friendly book:

  1. Set up your very own Raspberry Pi and learn how to connect other devices to it.
  2. Learn how to work with Linux and use basic commands.
  3. Enter the world of Programming with Python, a powerful language with world-wide renown for being easy to learn, but highly versatile.
  4. Grasp the more advanced concepts of object-oriented programming.
  5. Explore the process of creating cool projects, from the humble web crawler to the mighty weather station.

Open your mind to an entire world of possibilities. After all, it's easy as pie

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