Data Science for Beginners: This Book Includes - Machine Learning for Beginners + Python Machine Learning for Beginners - Big Data Analytics, Data

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9Have you ever wondered how speech recognition and search engines really work? Do you wish you could get a machine to do more of your tasks? Even if you are brand new to programming, you can learn how to use Python and Machine Learning to make your life easier or develop a satisfying career in a growth industry.

You probably use Machine Learning countless times daily. Your search engine or a chess app, the GPS that gives you turn-by-turn driving directions, an app that predicts the next word you want to type or translates your voice to text: they all use Machine Learning.

If you are interested in programming and want to understand Python and Machine Learning, the thoughtful, systematic approach to learning in this two-volume bundle will help you get started in this growing field even if you are a novice.

Machine Learning for Beginners covers the basic knowledge you need and explores all of the cool accomplishments this kind of programming language allows. It answers these and other questions:

  • What is data science and why is it important?
  • What is machine learning and what the benefits of this kind of programming?
  • What is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence?
  • What basics and building blocks do you need to know about machine learning?
  • How do supervised machine learning, unsupervised machine learning, and reinforcement machine learning differ?
  • What tips will help you the most out of machine learning?

Python Machine Learning for Beginners, the ultimate guide for newbies, provides easy-to-understand chapters to guide you through the early stages of Python programming, considered an excellent program choice for beginners. Topics include:

  • An introduction to Machine Learning
  • The main concepts of Machine Learning
  • The basics of Python for beginners
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Data Processing, Analysis, and Visualizations
  • Case studies and much more

Python Machine Learning for Beginners uses examples and exercises to help you retain the information. Machine Learning for Beginners provides the tools you need to enjoy the many benefits of using machine learning for some of your programming needs.

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