AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Tests 2019: 390 AWS Practice Exam Questions with Answers & detailed Explanations

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Please note There is now an updated 2020 version available: "AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Tests"

Preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam? Assess your exam readiness with these Practice Tests to maximize your chance of passing the AWS certification exam first time.

Fully updated to reflect the latest SAA-C02 exam, these Practice Tests will prepare you thoroughly for the real exam so that you get to ace your exam with confidence. Presented with and without answers so you can study or simulate an exam.

There are 6 practice exams with 65 questions each, covering all five domains of the latest AWS exam blueprint (SAA-C02). Each set of practice exams reflects the difficulty of the real AWS exam. With these Practice Tests, you'll know when you are ready to ace your AWS Solutions Architect exam The exam covers a broad set of technologies and it's vital to ensure you are armed with the knowledge to answer whatever question comes up in your certification exam. We recommend reviewing these practice questions until you're confident in all areas and ready to achieve a great score

Here's how this popular exam prep tool will shortcut your study time:

PREMIUM-QUALITY: These practice questions are free from typos and technical errors which makes your learning experience much more pleasant.

ALWAYS UP TO DATE: These practice questions reflect the latest SAA-C02 exam blueprint and are regularly updated - based on recent student feedback from the real exam.

GAIN THE EDGE ON EXAM DAY: These practice tests are patterned to reflect the difficulty of the real AWS exam and use the question format of the AWS certification exam.

DEEP DIVE REFERENCE LINKS: To help you understand the concepts, all answers link to relevant sections of our online "Training Notes" - the most comprehensive collection of exam-specific information for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam.

DETAILED EXPLANATIONS FOR ALL ANSWERS: Every question includes a detailed explanation that explains why each answer is correct or incorrect, supporting your understanding of AWS Services which is key to passing the exam.

These AWS Practice Tests have been created to help you to gain a competitive advantage and ensure that you pass your AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam first attempt with confidence.


Get FREE access to the Online Exam Simulator from Digital Cloud Training with over 500 UNIQUE Practice Questions to simulate the real exam. The full-length Practice Tests is timed (120 mins) and scored (passing score is 72%) mimicking the real exam environment so you get familiar with the actual AWS exam format. Every question includes deep-dive reference links and detailed explanations that explain why each answer is correct or incorrect.

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