Computer Networking Hacking: Ultimate Guide To Ethical Hacking, Wireless Network, Cybersecurity With Practical Penetration Test On Kali Linux And S

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Do you want to make a career in an exciting and rewarding field like computer management? Are you interested in training for a job that helps in manipulating the normal behaviour of the network connections, in order to provide help for a noble cause?

The truth is Computer networking is a field which is always evolving. It requires the help of a well-researched study o0f the operating systems and network configurations to excel in them.

True hacking once referred to activities which were meant for good intentions. Malicious things done to impose an attack on the computer networks were officially known as cracking. Protecting a network and the various devices or computers attached to it from phishing, Trojans, unauthorized access and malware is a very important job and requires much practice and knowledge.

DOWNLOAD: Computer Networking Hacking, Ultimate Guide to Ethical Hacking, Wireless Network, Cyber security with Practical Penetration Test on Kali Linux and System Security Practices.

Programming skills are something which every hacker should have. Other than the programming skills, a good hacker should also know networking skills to become an effective hacker. He should know how to employ the internet and the search engines to his best use.

The goal of the book is simple: The eBook is the ultimate guide to ethical hacking. It provides a complete knowledge about hacking, its types, getting started with ethical hacking, wireless network hacking, installing and using kali Linux, virtualizing machines and description of the main programs which are used in the world.

The book also stresses on Ultimate Guide to Ethical Hacking, Wireless Network, and Cyber security with Practical Penetration Test on Kali Linux and System Security Practices.

You will also learn:

  • History of hacking
  • What is hacking and the differences between hacking and cracking
  • Types of hacking to combat brute force, ransomware, network attacks, dos, ddos, phishing, tabnapping, web attack and social engineering.
  • How to start with ethical hacking?
  • Wireless network hacking and testing the system. Also understanding the various threats in the wireless networks.
  • encryption and password security, wep, wpa, wpa2, wpa3, all type off attack on those password
  • practical example to make keylogger, gain access on remote machine, client/server hack
  • Best practices to make a system secure
  • practical example to configure a real network and make secure( switch, router, firewall etc
  • Scripting
  • Backup and restore a network
  • Sandbox attack prevention methods
  • Best practises to stay safe online

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