You Got a Mac! Now What?: Switching From Windows to MacOS Catalina (Color Edition)

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You got a Mac Welcome to the club Now how on Earth do you use it?

Now that the joy of getting your first Mac is over, it's time to get serious: learning how to use it

Macs are obviously not Windows machines, so there's a small learning curve. Nothing complicated, I promise.
The goal of this book (which is based off of Mac OS Catalina, 10.15) is to teach you the ropes, so you can start enjoying your new computer. If you are looking for a thick doorstop of a book that covers things you have never heard of and will never use, then there are more comprehensive books out there. But if you are switching from Windows and just want to know how to use your computer, then I'm excited to help
Some of the topics that will be covered:
  • What's the difference between all the different Macs and Macbooks
  • What's new to macOS Catalina
  • How do you do all those Windows "things" on a Mac
  • Using the Touch Bar
  • Using the Magic Mouse and Force Touch
  • Apple Services (Apple Music, Apple News, iCloud, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+)
  • Using Siri
  • How to find things / how to organize things to make them easy to find
  • Setting up Internet and Email
  • Using Sidecar
  • Using Time Machine
  • Parental Controls
  • Downloading / Updating apps on the App Store
  • Organizing photos
  • Making phone calls and sending messages
  • Multitasking
  • And much, much more
Are you ready to start enjoying the new Mac OS? Then let's get started
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