Hacker's WhiteBook: Practical guide to becoming a profesional hacker from cero

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Become a profesional ethical hacker TODAY

Never has cybersecurity been as important as it is today, and in this book you'll learn from a practical standpoint the full profesional methodology, fundamentals and the most modern techniques to become a profesional hacker specialized in pentesting, from how to use Linux, to being able to attack(for pentesting purposes) websites, smartphones, social networks, networking infrastructure, Linux and Windows servers, databases and more

This book is designed to be a practical guide that takes you from the basics like how to install the tools and use Linux, to mastering every step of the methodology used to hack any target in your way, and finally, to be able to report your findings in a profesional manner to your client or employer, so that the information security of the organization can be improved.

The structure of the book is simple, it consists of 9 sections:

  • Theory and fundamentals - Here we'll speak of the fundamentals, like networking, operating systems, fundamentals of cybersecurity, Linux and other things, as this knowledge is imperative for you to be able to master the art of hacking.
  • Recoinassance- Here we'll start with methodologies and techniques to obtain useful information about our objective, as it will be impossible to be effective as a hacker without this information.
  • Vulnerability Assesment- You'll learn several tools and techniques, as well as international standards to identify the weak points on a target, known as vulnerabilities, which you'll use to attack effectively.
  • Explotaci n - In this section you'll learn and practice how to obtain access to several types of systems, ranging from smartphones, to websites, databases, personal computers, Linux and Windows servers, and much more At this point you'll be capable of breaking and entering most information systems.
  • Post-explotaci n - Nos this is where you'll learn what to do after you gain access. A lot of hackers don't know what to do when they finally gain access, where to look for information, how to pivot using the compromised system to attack other systems, but not you, you'll master all these techniques in this section.
  • Reportaje - Hacking is fun and all, but at the end of the day to get paid, you'll have to deliver results to your client or employer, and in cybersecurity, this results come in the form of reports. This is actually a section that almost all books and even cybersecurity certifications and trainings fail to address, leaving a hacker without the knowledge of how to deliver valuable results, but in this book you'll learn how to do this.
  • Forense - Although this is NOT a forensics book, i think it's important to have some concept about methodologies like information forensics because it helps in business continuity planning among other things, so in this section you'll learn the basics of forensics tools and methodology.
  • Anonimato, Deep y Dark Web - Here you'll learn how to enter, navigate and stay anonymous inside and outside the Deep and Dark web, as well as understanding what this is exactly.
  • Casos - I believe no book can really teach a subject without concrete examples, so here you'll learn about some of the real cases i've worked on as a profesional hacker both defending and analyzing the attack techniques used by cybercriminals so you can learn from the mistakes of the organization and the solutions implemented.
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