Raspberry Pi Projects

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Learn to build software and hardware projects featuring the Raspberry Pi

Congratulations on becoming a proud owner of a Raspberry Pi Following primers on getting your Pi up and running and programming with Python, the authors walk you through 16 fun projects of increasing sophistication that let you develop your Raspberry Pi skills. Among other things you will:

  • Write simple programs, including a tic-tac-toe game
  • Re-create vintage games similar to Pong and Pac-Man
  • Construct a networked alarm system with door sensors and webcams
  • Build Pi-controlled gadgets including a slot car racetrack and a door lock
  • Create a reaction timer and an electronic harmonograph
  • Construct a Facebook-enabled Etch A Sketch-type gadget and a Twittering toy

Raspberry Pi Projects is an excellent way to dig deeper into the capabilities of the Pi and to have great fun while doing it.

John Wiley & Sons