C++ for Dummies, 7th Edition

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7The best-selling C++ For Dummies book makes C++ easier

C++ For Dummies, 7th Edition is thebest-selling C++ guide on the market, fully revised for the 2014update. With over 60% new content, this updated guide reflects thenew standards, and includes a new Big Data focus that highlightsthe use of C++ among popular Big Data software solutions. The bookprovides step-by-step instruction from the ground up, helpingbeginners become programmers and allowing intermediate programmersto sharpen their skills. The companion website provides all codementioned in the text, an updated GNU_C++, the new C++ compiler, and other applications. By the end of the first chapter, you willhave programmed your first C++ application

As one of the most commonly used programming languages, C++ is amust-have skill for programmers who wish to remain versatile andmarketable. C++ For Dummies, 7th Edition providesclear, concise, expert instruction, which is organized for easynavigation and designed for hands-on learning. Whether you're newto programming, familiar with other languages, or just getting upto speed on the new libraries, features, and generics, this guideprovides the information you need.

  • Provides you with an introduction to C++ programming
  • Helps you become a functional programmer
  • Features information on classes, inheritance, and optionalfeatures
  • Teaches you 10 ways to avoid adding bugs

The book incorporates the newest C++ features into thefundamental instruction, allowing beginners to learn the update asthey learn the language. Staying current on the latest developmentsis a crucial part of being a programmer, and C++ For Dummies,7th Edition gets you started off on the rightfoot.

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