Tableau Your Data!: Fast and Easy Visual Analysis with Tableau Software

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Premier guide with expert guidance on building dynamic, BI data visualizations

Tableau Software is designed to provide fast and easy data visualization for business intelligence, and Tableau Your Data is the ultimate guide to using it effectively. Expert discussion and plain-English explanations merge with full-color visuals and step-by-step instruction to demonstrate streamlined analytics workflow. Regardless of your level of BI analytics experience, you'll learn how to get more out of your data and build clear, accurate visualizations that support more informed decisions. Targeted real-world case studies show you how to leverage Tableau across the enterprise value chain. From the core features to the latest updates and new tools, this full-color guide is your one-stop resource for better data visualization.

With full coverage of the Version 9.0 feature set, this second edition of Tableau Your Data shows you how to:

+ Blend disparate data and build compelling visuals

+ Perform ad hoc visual analysis and performance-tune dashboards

+ Ensure security while scaling to a large user base

+ Customize settings to build more advanced chart types

+ Publish visualizations for mobile device viewing

+ Understand Tableau syntax, functions, and calculations

+ Analyze sales, financial, operational, spatial, marketing, and CRM data

The companion website at provides sample files, articles, working models, and examples that show you how to leverage new features as Tableau makes them available.