JavaScript: The New Toys

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All of the latest JavaScript features covered in one place

JavaScript: The New Toys teaches you all about the newest features of the world's most popular programming language while also showing you how to track what's coming and get involved. Author T.J. Crowder, the top JavaScript contributor on Stack Overflow, walks you through the significant changes and additions to the language along with key tools to help you get up to date with modern JavaScript. Beginning with an introduction to the new features, you'll learn what's new, how new features come about, who manages the new features process, how to stay on top of what's coming next, and how to use new features even in old environments. Then each chapter covers a new feature or features in depth, explaining the problems they solve, how they work, and how to use them, along with expert recommendations for updating old habits to new ones integrating the new toys. With comprehensive coverage of ES2015 ("ES6") through ES2019 ("ES10") and a look at what's likely to come in ES2020, this book provides an invaluable resource for programmers everywhere, whether they work in web development, Node.js, Electron, Windows Universal Apps, or another JavaScript environment.

  • Discover the unexpected advantages of the new let and const declarations
  • Learn how classes solve common problems, and get details on syntax and usage
  • Delve into the use and mechanics of arrow functions and lexical this
  • Adopt new best practices for using Promises and async functions, avoiding common pitfalls
  • Learn about typed arrays, shared memory, Maps, Sets, generator functions, and much more

All major browsers support JavaScript, but support for individual features varies. JavaScript: The New Toys shows you what's new, how to use it, and how to keep incomplete support in some environments from holding you back.

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