Microsoft Excel 365 Formulas: A Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide

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8Quick and easy 6 page laminated guide loaded with essentials focusing on creating and using formulas efficiently and effectively. For beginners or experienced users, formulas are Excel's superpower that can be yours. Find hundreds of the most popular and useful functions for formulas fast and with clear succinct steps to get the task done. Curtis Frye, author of multiple books on Excel, creator of many videos and an experienced corporate trainer used his experience and knowledge to cover the most relevant use of formulas for users at different levels. Look for Excel 365, Excel 365 "Tips and Tricks", "Advanced" and "Pivot Tables" QuickStudy guides to have a complete power-user reference set.
6 page laminated reference guide includes:
  • Order of Operations
  • Creating Formulas
  • Using Tables in Formulas
  • Organizing Data Using Named Ranges
  • Summary & Statistical Functions
  • Counting Values in Cell Ranges
  • Performing Financial Calculations
    • Principal & Interest Payments
    • Calculating Present & Future Value
    • Calculating Time to Reach an Investment Goal
  • Performing Conditional Calculations Using IF & IFERROR
    • Logical Comparisons
    • Error Codes
  • Processing Text Using Formulas
    • Extracting Text From a Cell
    • Cleaning Imported Data
    • Combining Multiple Text Strings
  • Performing Date Calculations
  • Finding & Displaying Cell Values & Formula Text
    • Look Up Cell Values
    • Display Formula Text
  • Division, Decimals & Rounding
    • Dividing Values to Find Quotients & Reminders
    • Finding the Integer & Decimal Parts of Numbers
    • Rounding Numbers Up & Down
    • Generating Random Values
  • Auditing Formulas
Suggested uses:
  • Workplace - flat for easy storage and access at a moments notice to find a formula function you need to use, or to jog your memory for a function you do not use often
  • Company Training - reduce help-desk calls and keep productivity flowing for a team or for your entire company
  • Students/Professors - make lives easier for students in many majors needing Excel for data management and calculation
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